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At B&B, we believe that fashion can and should be sustainable. As a clothing rental business, we offer a more eco-friendly alternative to buying clothes, but we go beyond that. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and is one of our core values.

We are a slow fashion business, and we want to prove that sustainable fashion is not only good for the planet, but also makes good business sense.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve full circularity and have a net-zero impact. We're taking steps towards achieving this goal every day, and we invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Read on to learn more about our values and the actions we're taking to make a positive impact.

Cotton Plant

Our Clothes

Wherever possible, we've chosen brands to work with who we believe to make not only the best quality clothes, but who are the most sustainable in terms of environmental impact, which is why all of our baby clothes are GOTS certified organic, and who also take care of the people in their supply chain who are involved in making the clothes every step of the way.

However, our focus on sustainability goes beyond sourcing. Throughout their lifecycle, we take care of our clothes to keep them looking their best for you, and to ensure that they have the longest possible life before being recycled. Our in-house team expertly handles tasks such as debobbling, stain removal, and repairs. When the time comes, we explore creative methods to recycle the clothes, such as repurposing baby clothes as stuffing for slow cooker bags. We actively seek opportunities to recycle items ourselves, and we will never send anything to landfill.

We are going to add more information on all of the brands that we stock on this page, so please keep an eye out for updates! 

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