Pregnancy can be an anxious time, for many reasons, especially in the current climate. It's so important to look after yourself, so this box has been carefully curated to help you find a moment of calm for yourself and to help nurture your relationship with your unborn baby whilst they are in the womb, and to continue into those precious early days too. The price includes delivery.


The Bonding with Baby Box contains:

  • A Bola Pregnancy Necklace with semi-precious Moonstone charm. This Bola or "Angel Caller" creates a soft chime when gently shaken and is a tradition that originates in Mexico. The long silver-plated necklace hangs over your bump so that your baby can hear the sound and vibrations whilst in the womb, calming both mother and baby, and it also has a semi-precious moonstone charm attached to make it that little bit more special. When your little one is born, they may even be soothed by the familiar sound of the chime! This is a really special necklace that you can not only wear during pregnancy and beyond, but can pass down to your child as a keepsake when they are older too. These necklaces are handmade in London by Nibbling and comes in a leatherette presentation box.


  • 'Calming Power with Frankincense & Flowers' Soy Wax Melts by Take Five Aromatherapy.  Their best-selling scent, these soy wax melts with Lavender, Frankincense and Rose Geranium smell absolutely divine and have been chosen for their calming properties. Kirsty set up Take Five Aromatherapy to remind Mamas to take five minutes (or twenty) for themselves. Pregnancy can be an anxious time, so why not take a break from your busy schedule to enjoy this scent and perhaps at the same time you could write a letter to your unborn baby or just lie down and feel the kicks and wriggles! They contain 100% natural soy wax, giving a non-toxic and pollutant-free clean burn and contain no dyes, additives or synthetic fragrances - only aromatherapy oils specially selected for their therapeutic properties. 


  • A limited edition champage gold silk-bound hardcover of 'Guess How Much I Love You'. A fetus can hear distinct sounds from about 18 weeks and have been known to respond to particular noises or sounds from as little as 24 weeks. It can feel strange just talking to your bump or reading one of your own books or magazines! So this story is perfect, not only for reading to your bump but they will enjoy the story for years after they are born too. We searched high and low to bring you this beautiful edition!


  • 'Get Up & Glow' Tea by Hottea Mama. These award-winning teas are designed by Mums for Mums-to-be who may need an energy boost or are looking for something to replace their usual caffeinated drinks. Containing a vitamin-rich infusion of Grape, Hibiscus Flowers and Rosehip Peels, this super-fruity cup will help you discover your moments of radiance, whether you are feeling the elusive pregnancy glow or not! This is a box of 15 plastic-free teabags containing whole leaf tea.


Each box is packaged inside a plain mailing box to protect it so that it can be given as a gift too.

Bonding with Baby Box


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