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A pregnant woman in a smart black dress stands outside the door to a cafe with her phone to her ear.
Close up of a pregnant woman wearing a green floral top and holding her bump.
Four pregnant women are walking along a pavement with their arms linked.
A pregnant woman is wearing a red dress and looking down at her bump.

How it Works

Choose a capsule of 2 or more items from your favourite maternity brands.

The price shown is the monthly hire fee, so 3 items at £5 each will be £15 per month. We have a minimum hire period of 2 months, but after that you can cancel at any time.

Checkout and pay for your first month which won't start until you receive your capsule. Shipping is £6 or free for orders over £30, which includes your final return delivery.

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a line drawing of  pile of clothes with a plus sign next to it.
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a line drawing of a maternity dress.
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What People Are Saying...

Emma provides a really personal service and all the clothes she sent me were perfect! Amazing quality. Its so nice to feel good during my pregnancy. I'm very happy with the service and clothes.

Looking for a personal stylist?

If you'd like us to choose your capsule for you, opt for our bespoke capsule and you'll have a consultation with our Founder and Maternity Stylist Emma who will find out all about your style before sending you 9+ items to choose from. Simply send back the items you don't want to hire.

The bespoke service costs £50 for the first month which includes hire of up to 6 items. After that it's the same as our normal capsule, so for example 6 items at £5 each will be £30 per month. Everything else works in the same way as our normal capsule.

A woman in a floral dress is sitting at a table writing in a notepad whilst holding her phone to her ear.

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