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A woman wearing a BShirt top holding her baby.
A woman is sitting on the grass breastfeeding her baby.
A woman is breastfeeding her baby and holding a cup in her other hand.
A woman is standing, wearing a black nursing jumpsuit.

How it Works

Choose a capsule of 2 or more items from your favourite nursing brands such as You & Milk, Milky Tee, BShirt and many more.

The price shown is the monthly hire fee, so 3 items at £5 each will be £15 per month.

We have a minimum hire period of 2 months, but after that you can cancel at any time.

Checkout and pay for your first month which won't start until you receive your capsule. Shipping is £6 or free for orders over £30, which includes your final return delivery.

a line drawing of a person using their mobile phone.
a line drawing of a rosette.
a line drawing of a hand with cyclical arrows above it.
a line drawing of a woman breastfeeding.

What People Are Saying...

I have used both the nursing capsule and maternity capsule services and loved them! The clothes are excellent quality, service is brilliant and it’s a fabulous idea in general.

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Beautiful. Sustainable. Affordable

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