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100% cotton breastfeeding sweatshirt with a soft and cosy brushed fleece interior.

Our Milky Tee® breastfeeding tops have a unique design (which is registered and protected) and every sweatshirt has hidden zips on each side to allow easy access for breastfeeding or expressing.
The zips are 14" long to allow you to take the zip down as far as you need to, then pull the T-shirt across slightly for feeding.

The zips are fine and flexible and have cotton patches at the top and bottom so they will not rub against the skin or cause irritation. Our tops are designed to look like normal sweatshirts so can be worn even after you've finished breastfeeding.

These sweatshirts can be worn alone or can also be paired with one of our Milky Tee breastfeeding T-shirts as the zips can be unzipped on both products to allow easy and convenient breastfeeding.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: As these sweatshirts are 100% cotton we recommend taking care when washing. We advise washing at 30C, reshaping and stretching the garment slightly when damp and air drying. This not only cares for your product and reduces any likelihood of shrinkage but also helps the environment too.

* We recommend sizing up if you want a baggier fit

Milky Tee Tired Nursing Sweater

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