The same beautiful clothes as our Organic Baby Clothing Subscription, produced sustainably and ethically from organic cotton, but worry free! And you'll be doing your bit to keep these lovely, slightly more well loved clothes in use for longer, before they get recycled.


These bundles of 18 items of clothing will consist of items which have small marks or light staining, perfect for if your little one goes to nursery or you do a lot of messy play at home! This subscription is at a reduced cost of £25 a month, including all delivery costs, with no charges for any further staining and only a nominal charge of £1 per lost item.


Just like our normal subscription, each bundle will be tailored to your baby’s age and the season, and I will try to accommodate personal preferences as much as possible too. The image above shows a sample 12-18 months girl’s bundle.


Please note you will be charged for the first month now, but then your monthly payments will not begin until after you have had your first bundle for one month. Please get in touch if you’d like a size or combination that isn’t listed!


If you'd like your first bundle shipped in a reusable bag which you can keep for the duration of your subscription please choose this option for an extra £5, otherwise it will be shipped in a compostable bag. All future bundles will then come in a reusable bag which you can use to send the previous bundle back, but at the end of the subcription you will need to use your own return packaging if not opting for a reusable bag.

Nursery/Messy Play Bundle