If you are the kind of person who likes to choose exactly what you are getting, try out our new Choose Your Own Maternity Capsule!


How it Works 

  • The images above show some of the clothes that we stock. To select your capsule we will email you a link to a folder containing images of everything we have in your size. We have hundreds of items in stock so you will have plenty to choose from! This is a new service but we usually have between 30-40 items to choose from. If you are a different size on the top or bottom, or if you are between sizes, just let us know when you place your order and we will tailor your images accordingly. 
  • Get back to us with your choices - a capsule includes 6 items but if you'd like more just let us know (extras are a one-off cost of £10 per item, your monthly rental fee won't change).
  • You'll receive your capsule within 7 days of letting us know what you would like (but usually sooner). 
  • Hire your capsule for £25 a month for 6 items. You can hire it for as little or as long as you like. This includes all delivery costs including the final return delivery. Most people hire it for the whole of their pregnancy and we wouldn't expect you to grow out of anything.
  • Hire for at least 5 months and get the month after your baby is born for free! Get bored or want something different when the weather changes? Swaps are £15 for the first item and £5 per item after that, or swap your whole capsule for £35. There is no deposit to pay, and wear and tear is included in your hire fee. Note: The £25 cost to pay now covers your first month but this won't start until you have received your capsule.
  • If you'd like your capsule shipped in a reusable bag please choose this option for an extra £5, otherwise it will be shipped in a compostable bag and you will need to use your own return packaging.


Email us on bellesandbabesuk@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Choose Your Own Maternity Capsule