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What are the benefits of using essential oils in pregnancy?

Guest blog by Kirsty, Founder of Take Five Aromatherapy and a Mum of two.

Essential oils have been extracted from plants, barks and citrus peels for thousands of years and are used to help us relax, balance emotions, uplift our mood and boost our energy levels. 

They can be a helpful tool to support our modern everyday routines and lives, but they can also be incredibly supportive when used during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum stages. 

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As long as essential oils are diluted correctly and to a safe level for pregnancy, you’ll gain a whole host of natural and powerful properties from them which can help to naturally ease symptoms during each trimester of pregnancy, such as;  

  • Peppermint / Grapefruit / Lemon to ease nausea  

  • Citrus oils to combat fatigue  

  • Chamomile / Lavender / Sandalwood to aid insomnia  

  • Lavender / Eucalyptus to ease muscle aches  

  • Eucalyptus / Peppermint / Lemon to help with congestion  

  • Lavender / Frankincense / Rose Geranium to help relax and deepen your breathing

  • Clary Sage / Rose Otto to enhance and strengthen surges during labour 

In addition to easing physical symptoms, essential oils can relax the mind with nurturing, balancing, grounding, soothing, uplifting and empowering properties. 

Enjoying the aroma from your chosen essential oil is a really beneficial tool during pregnancy, as you’ll build up what’s known as a scent anchor with those particular smells. 

The more often you use the same scent, the stronger this association will become. If you’re feeling anxious at any stage during labour or birth, applying or inhaling the familiar smell of your anchor scent can draw your mind back to the feelings of comfort and safety associated with that scent. 

This can be a really helpful tool during the transition phase of labour or while transporting to a hospital or birthing unit. 

The reason scent association or scent anchoring works so well during these situations is because our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses and recognition of smell is immediate, meaning the calming effect is also almost immediate. 

Essential oils can be a great addition to your pregnancy relaxation and your birth toolkit, so long as they’re used safely.

All of our blends and topical products have been diluted to a safe level for pregnancy and certified as safe to use during pregnancy. 

If you have any additional medical conditions, always speak to your own midwife or GP to ensure essential oils are a safe option for you. 

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Take Five Aromatherapy is a UK vegan, sustainable brand which hand-pour their products using pure essential oils, blended to support every stage of your journey. From pregnancy to parenthood and everything in between.

Their beautiful products are featured in our Bonding with Baby Box and Breastfeeding Celebration Box and can be ordered via their website below.

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