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8 signs that mean you're ready for sleep support

Sleep deprivation is truly one of the hardest parts of parenting. It can be hard not knowing how to make changes or where to turn, and it takes a toll on the whole family.

This guest blog is written by Jade Zammit, a mother and founder of Beyond The Stars – Jade Zammit Sleep Coaching. She is award-winning in her field and passionate in supporting families in transforming their sleep, ensuring unique and bespoke solutions for every child.

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“As a mum of two, we’ve had our fair share of sleep challenges and extreme sleep deprivation. I single handedly know how tough it is day to day!
When I was in the thick of it, one thing I look back and regret was not reaching out for sleep support sooner. Now, thankfully I can support and transform families before they get to that point, and it’s allowed me to recognise the signs that were there in me and that I now see in others.”

It may not be that you are in all of these places. But here are my top signs you are ready for a sleep transformation:

1. You feel at rock bottom. Sleep deprivation has taken its toll on everything including your mental health. Physically and emotionally, you can’t keep going.

2. Things aren’t sustainable anymore. You have a rhythm set, but what you have isn’t sustainable to keep going the way you are. Maybe bub is getting too big to be comfortably rocked every night, or you are going back to work, and you know some changes need to be made before then.


3.  You can’t keep doing the 3am Google search – and feeling stuck in between the advice of either co-sleeping or cry-it-out. You don’t want either and you have no idea what that looks like.


4.  You need more balance. Bedtimes are taking hours at a time, you need that time to eliminate the overwhelm, catch up, spend time with your partner... whatever it may look like for you.


5. The exhaustion is taking a toll on the rest of the family. Whether it be that night unsettlement is waking siblings, or more in how we feel in the day as parents in survival mode.


6.  Often there is a huge parent preference and almost every family has a goal of aligning the settle approach between both parents. When parents come together to make this happen, the change is truly amazing.


7.   You know exactly what you want, and what your sleep goals are! You just need a plan and direction to get you where you want to be.


8.   You are ready to take on an action plan and turn your lives around!


When you are in the thick of it, it can be really hard to know where to start or where the focus should be. Baby sleep is a rollercoaster with many twists and turns, so it can be hard to keep up. This is what I focus on in my S.L.E.E.P Methodology, to provide families a framework that they can come back to at any stage of their sleep journey.

S – Sleep Pressure

Are they getting enough day sleep? Or too much? Start keeping a sleep diary to help see what their routines are and getting age appropriate sleep – as well as finding out a day routine that works for them!

L – Look at the Signs

Are they going through development changes? Nursery transitions? Or peak separation anxiety? Phases like this can alter sleep massively!

E – Environment

What we can easily control is an optimised sleep environment, darkened and calm. Are they responsive to white noise cues? This can act as a great sleep cue! Avoid blue/white lights as this can hinder their melatonin. Red tones work much better!

E – Evaluate Sleep Props

Is there something little one replies upon to fall asleep each time? Often this shows if they are waking through lighter phases of sleep realising they are without the thing that put them to sleep in the first place! If so, this is your focus area.

P – Plan your goals

When we write down our goals and visions, we are 43% more likely to achieve them! Set the tone and what you want to focus on for a clearer picture.


If you are ready to set these goals and take action – you can join me in my world of sleep and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.  You can check out my Exhausted to Thriving Membership to navigate and support these frequent changes and help you feel confident in your baby’s sleep!

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Jade Zammit is a mother and an award-winning professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 100+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

After years of different sleep challenges and being in the deep despair of sleep deprivation, Jade knew she had an opportunity to support others in a way she wish she had with her own two children. Sleep after all, is one of the hardest parts of parenting!

Jade is passionate about holistic sleep training solutions, looking at all aspects of sleep and working with the little one's personalities and traits to bring ultimate success in transforming sleep challenges.

She truly believes there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to sleep - and every child is different!

Jade graduated in her qualification in the summer of 2021, and has since went on to do several sub courses including Child Sleep and ADHD. Since starting business she has won awards globally for her services and online courses, and bringing the highest standard knowledge and services to others.


If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!


You can find her free “Steps to Sleep Success” book here –

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